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Terence has over 30 years experience in the house clearance industry and is knowledgeable about all aspects great and small in property removal operations.

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Quick steps to selling a home in the UK

Quick steps to selling a home in the UK

Selling a house can be a difficult and time consuming process. This process can be made all the more difficult if you are selling your house while trying to purchase a new place to live. Here are some quick tips to make the process easier.

1. Consider whether or not you actually want or need to sell your house.

People often sell their homes due to external factors such as divorce or a death in the family. Although circumstances may make selling a necessity, consider the following points and ideas before making a decision.

If you are looking for a place with […] Read more

The History of Sutton Park

The History of Sutton Park

Sutton Coldfield, also affectionately called Sutton by locals, is 6.5 miles (10 km) northeast of Birmingham City Centre. Sutton forms in the suburbs of the city and is home to one of my all-time favourite spots, Sutton Park. Let’s delve into the history of Sutton park.


Sutton Park is Large

Sutton park is the seventh largest urban park in Europe and is packed with history. The park covers more than 2,400 acres with a wide range of encompassing landscapes: heathlands, wetlands, marshes, lakes and ancient woodlands. It is fantastic to get lost in and explore the rich variety of plants and wildlife […] Read more

All You Need To Know About Removing Carpets Correctly

All You Need To Know About Removing Carpets Correctly

There is nothing better than the smell of a fresh new carpet! The tactile feeling it offers your bare feet and the power it has to transform a cold space into a cozy home is what makes the carpet so popular and recognisable. Only recently, we were working on a Solihull house clearance that involved carpet removal in a timely and hygienic fashion. Although a daunting and costly prospect to take-up and get rid of old carpet in a professional way, here are some manageable and simple tips to help you to do it yourself and make the task less stressful.


I have broken […] Read more

What’s The Status of the UK Rental Market in the Future?

It is of no great surprise that it’s terribly demanding for first-time buyers, significantly the younger generation, to get onto (and climb) that ever extending property ladder in the UK. This has been publicised in the media quite extensively and is very apparent in certain locations where the costs of homes are extortionate, such as the trendy capital London.

Large deposits and stagnant wages create a situation in which people cannot afford a secure home with campaigns such as Generation Rent recently initiated to create more awareness of the situation in the capital.


The UK Rental Market is Growing

House prices are rising making […] Read more

The Big Debate: Should You Rent or Sell Your Property?

To rent or to sell your property, that is the question! There are a number of issues that you should take on board when making such a decision. This will vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. With this article, I hope to highlight some simple points that are worth considering when renting your property.


Perks of renting your property

If you are away from your property temporarily, because of work for instance, renting your home allows you the option of moving back into it if you are fond of it, or if you feel that the housing prices might rise within that […] Read more

A Day In The Life of a House Clearance Person

A Day In The Life of a House Clearance Person

Clearing a house is physically demanding and requires a lot of hard work, but what me and my team love so much, is the exciting energy that comes from lugging unwanted items away and seeing that ‘before and after affect’. I am always surprised by the dramatic amount of space that is cleared and the relief that comes when the clients see a property in it’s original empty form.The perfect house clearance, For me it is a very rewarding job that requires a complete team effort. Whether it’s a small one day job, or a big commercial clearance, we manage […] Read more

Upcycling ideas to turn your house into a stylish eco-friendly home

In a time of throw-away consumerism, the continuous stream of waste grows and grows. Often materials that we don’t even realise, or are tempted to throw away for convenience can be reused in inventive ways. Only just recently I
became aware of this on an inspiring trip to Vienna. I went to visit my thrifty friend Simon who manages to live an affordable and eco-friendly lifestyle in the city.

Simon has made his whole apartment from various materials he had either recycled or found from construction tips. The apartment was unbelievably charming, with each piece having a unique story. The DIY approach […] Read more

How Coffee (And It’s Cup) Will Do Eco-Friendly Wonders To Your Home

Nothing beats the taste of a strong coffee in the morning. There is that striking earthy aroma, the comforting warmth of each gulp and that much welcomed wake-up-call as the caffeine works its magic. Whether you make it at home with fresh ground beans, or get a take-away cup for on-the-go, there are a number of handy uses for it in and around your soon to be eco-friendly home.


The Humble Coffee Bean is More Eco-Friendly than You Think

Ground coffee beans can offer many practical uses, simply recycling the grounds can be an eco-friendly way to help you and your home in […] Read more

Best Time of the Year to Sell Your House

Best Time of the Year to Sell Your House

There are certain times within the year

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that can help make your property appeal to potential buyers. The seasons are often overlooked, but can heavily interfere with the attention it gets. This also depends on the properties location. Perhaps you live in an area that attracts tourists at certain times of the year, or maybe there is an event that draws in a lot of people. Significant factors such as location, the seasons and property type should all be taken into consideration when selling.


Make the best of Spring

Generally speaking, the optimum time to put your house up for sale is during […] Read more

Applying for a Grant of Representation: Probate Tips and Advice

Applying for a Grant of Representation: Probate Tips and Advice

You may have heard of the term probate, but unless you have had to deal with the estate of a late relative or loved one, you may not be overly familiar with the process or why it is necessary.

Applying for a grant of representation can be notoriously difficult, not least because you will already be dealing with emotions involved with the loss of a loved one. There will most likely be a great deal of paperwork involved in the process, some of which may be difficult to understand. In light of this, it is vital that you follow the guidelines […] Read more