Lichfield, Staffordshire House Clearance

Clearance date: February 02, 2016

Name of occupiers: John and Laura Feeney

Area in Lichfield: WS13

Size of house: 3 Bedrooms, 1 Garage

Clearance type: Top and bottom floors including loft area

Time to complete job: 3 hours 05 minutesLichfield House Clearance and Removals

Staffordshire House Clearance Instructions: A quaint semi-detached Victorian property with both front and rear access was requested for clearance for an emergency one day Lichfield house clearance due to a quick change in events for new renters to move in the next day.

Overview: We started early at approximately 8am for a midday planned finish. We removed large double drawers from upstairs, a large oak bedstead and other bedroom pieces that were carefully cleared from upstairs with precise maneuverability down the stairs. Carpets were cleared revealing well kept oak flooring. After clearing the bedrooms we moved downstairs to the open plan living room. Some wonderful antiques lay ahead in between removing sofas and lamps of this Lichfield house clearance. We provided a quote on the delightful set of Pagoda lanterns and advised on the selling price of their Hyacinth vases.

The garage was completely full of items, a mix of trinkets, junk and special items. This took approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to clear but was worth every minute. After all was cleared John was was particularly pleased to find some original brickwork connected to the house that he had never seen before.

Client Feedback: Although the weather was stormy we managed to complete to the project within the allotted time-frame. John and Laura were over the moon with the results, not only understanding better about their own household items including their value but they also found out more about their Lichfield house architecture, the natural brickwork that was originally hidden behind plywood and of course their stunning oak flooring in the master bedroom. They were so happy they provided the team a fine bottle of dry rouge Chianti, a delight to receive and just as delightful to sip on, after work of course.  All in all, another great day for Berkeley House Clearance and their client.

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