What’s The Status of the UK Rental Market in the Future?

It is of no great surprise that it’s terribly demanding for first-time buyers, significantly the younger generation, to get onto (and climb) that ever extending property ladder in the UK. This has been publicised in the media quite extensively and is very apparent in certain locations where the costs of homes are extortionate, such as the trendy capital London.

Large deposits and stagnant wages create a situation in which people cannot afford a secure home with campaigns such as Generation Rent recently initiated to create more awareness of the situation in the capital.


The UK Rental Market is Growing

House prices are rising making […] Read more

The Big Debate: Should You Rent or Sell Your Property?

To rent or to sell your property, that is the question! There are a number of issues that you should take on board when making such a decision. This will vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. With this article, I hope to highlight some simple points that are worth considering when renting your property.


Perks of renting your property

If you are away from your property temporarily, because of work for instance, renting your home allows you the option of moving back into it if you are fond of it, or if you feel that the housing prices might rise within that […] Read more