Knowle House Clearance

A case study of one of our Knowle house clearances.

Clearance date: June, 8, 2015knowle house clearance

Name of occupiers: Mrs. Jones and Family

Area in Knowle: Knowle, B93

Size of house: 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

Clearance type: Full bereavement house clearance

Time to complete job: 4 hours and 45 minutes

Clearance instructions

The family had recently suffered a bereavement of a close family member and it was requested that for this Knowle house clearance we clear out the top floor bedrooms plus fittings across a two day period.


We arrived at a wonderful terraced Tudor house in the heart of Knowle, West Midlands. Access was relatively tricky due to single door openings and narrow hallways. However, this is something we come across regularly and understand the dynamics of removing large fittings such as wardrobes and Chester drawers. We were able to angle the wardrobes along the staircase without causing any damage to interiors such as side panels, flooring and banisters.

The family also had some heirlooms that they were interested in getting valuations for this included Cornish hill pottery, gold and silver jewellery plus a delightful banjo clock. Mrs Jones was also concerned about the probate process including the grant of representation, we reassured them and guided them in the right direction. The advice we shared with them was the least we could do do for such an outstanding client.

Client feedback

Mrs. Jones was pleasantly surprised to find we had finished the Knowle house clearance within one day instead of two days as originally planned. This was partly due to less dismantling and instead great skilled maneuvering of furniture downstairs. The family were so happy with our service they offered us some barley twist candlesticks, an offer we couldn’t refuse.

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