Water Orton House Clearance

Water Orton Clearance date: July 27, 2017
Name of occupiers: Mr. and Ms. Smith
Area in Water Orton: B46
Size of house: 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom
Clearance type: Fresh start
Time to complete job: 4 hours

Clearance instructions

The Smiths had finally graduated the last of their 4 children from college. As Mr. Smith put it, one day he was sitting in his Water Orton house and realised most of it was full of stuff that wasn’t his. After having the kids take all of the items they wished to keep to their adult homes, Mr. Smith put all of the things he wanted still needed in the garage and had us clearance the rest.

House Clearance in Water Orton

Unlike most clearances, the same people stayed in the home. In fact, the Smiths spent the afternoon putting their home back together and were back into their home the day of the clearance. This meant working around a few items of furniture to remain, knowing which closets weren’t to be touched, and that there was no margin for error.

The bulk of the time was spent clearing furniture out of the children’s rooms in this property removal. The Smiths also decided to get new appliances as well as some new furniture, leaving the old pieces for us to haul away.


Local Water Orton Resources:

Water Orton Primary School


Water Orton Primary School


Water Orton Parish Church



Client Feedback

“I feel like I just moved into a bigger house,” Mr. Smith said after the Water Orton house clearance. He and his wife were able to clear a room for their own hobbies, create a guest bedroom, and still have a room as their personal gym. The couple both said they were comforted to be able to go into retirement with a fresh start.


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