Warwick Stately Home House Clearance

Warwick Stately Home

Clearance Date: July 10-14, 2017

Name of Occupiers: Prefer not to Say

Clearance type: Total House Clearance

Time to Complete Job: 3 days (due to large size of the property)

Clearance instructions

Occasionally we get the opportunity to clear a piece of history. On this occasion, a wealthy gentleman approached us with a stately home he had purchased at auction near the river Avon. The attached property contained a boat house, several out buildings (including sheds and greenhouse), a large garage and around 25 rooms.

The top of the home was a cluttered loft. Every room in the house was filled with the detritus of years. Compacted dust and rotting curtains filled every room. Our client, who intended to refurbish and resell the home needed each room cleared. We were instructed to take all necessary precautions with any historical items we may find.

Furthermore, it was likely that some of the buildings would contain potentially hazardous substances such as asbestos.


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The greatest difficulty we encountered during this English country house clearance was the sheer size of the structure. This massive home was filled from top to bottoms with items. In order to clear the house quickly and disturb our client as little as possible, we planned this clearance carefully.

Warwick Castle

This wasn’t the Warwick stately home we cleared

Using a prior assessments, we were able to make precise estimates as to the number of lorries, man power, and working days need to clear the space. Often, the order in which you clear items increases efficiency.

We decided to start first with the bottom floor of the house and work our way up. Immediately upon entering, we removed the mouldy curtains, flooding the house with natural light (the wiring in many rooms was unsound). As light washed into the room we immediately began to find historical items. Portraits of previous tenants, old pianos, and a seemingly endless supply of antique hard wood furniture.

As we moved room to room, we discovered a small library of Victorian era books, taxidermy animal heads, and out dated maps. At times if felt as though we were discovering more treasures than rubbish. Once each room was cleared, members of our team (who have a good eye for antiques after years of experience) separated sellable items (of which there were many) from the rubbish (which was also plentiful).

After the manor house was cleared, we moved onto the outlying buildings. One which was built in the 1920s we unfortunately discovered asbestos. As this was outside our contract (and not wanting endanger our workers) we avoided clearing this building, but were happy to recommend an affordable specialist.


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In the outlying buildings we discovered many similar items, including several old tractors and an abandoned Land Rover (which was unfortunately beyond repair).

Client feedback

Our client was extremely grateful for our careful and precise clearance. Much of the furniture and antique items fetched a healthy profit, paying both for the clearance and the asbestos removal. The property is presently being renovated and is expected to fetch a kingly sum.

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