Kenilworth, Warwickshire House Clearance

A case study of one of our kenilworth house clearances

Clearance date: June 4, 2017
Name of occupiers: Mr. Worthington
Area in Kenilworth: CV8
Size of house: 6 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom
Clearance type: Bereavement
Time to complete job: 7 hours, 35 minutes

Clearance instructions

Even after more than 30 years in the home clearance business, there’s still no such thing as a standard bereavement clearance. In this case, a 92 year-old woman had had outlived the rest of her immediate family and maintained the home as a shrine to modern British history.

The clients had already cleared some items of value, but also sought our expertise in finding items that are more valuable than they appear. The Kenilworth house was quite large, with a good deal of furniture, endless knick knacks, and a wealth of neat old things.

Kenilworth, Warwickshire House Clearance

Every house clearance tells someone’s story, but this home told the story of several generations, of the West Midlands region, and even Great Britain writ large. It was a genuine privilege for our crew to get to perform a clearance of this stately, Edwardian Era Kenilworth house.

It seemed as though every nook and cranny in this home had an interesting bit of history. Each room had a different theme: One was full of pre-victorian artifacts, one parlor had pre-industrial farm equipment from local estates, another had early industrial era household gadgets, and yet another was dedicated to 20th Century royals memorabilia.

This particular Kenilworth house clearance was equal parts bulky items that had to be manhandled and delicate items that took the greatest of care.

This job was technically demanding, but also an intellectual joyride.

Client Feedback

The client was happy to extend the allotted time to allow us to comb through the homes artifacts and find items of value the client had missed. The value of these items more than covered the cost of the entire clearance. She found our service professional, courteous and caring and promised to recommend our services to anybody she knew who might need them.


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