Why Birmingham is the Best Commuting Spot in the Country

Why Birmingham is the Best Commuting Spot in the Country

As the largest and most popular city outside of London, Birmingham is a vibrant place that is located conveniently in the West Midlands. The central location of this busy city means that it is a major transport hub with motorway, rail and canal networks. This allows for easy commuting to various parts of the UK and has recently got attention from people because of the affordable house prices.

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Tri-force of commuting

The three main variables in the equation of a good commuting spot are the property prices, travel costs and the speed and frequency of travel services. With London house prices at an all-time high and still on the rise, there is no wonder that people are looking to and investing in places outside of the capital, with alternative properties in different locations offering more space and value for money. The prospect of commuting a little extra becomes far more affordable and attractive when seen from this perspective.

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New renovations in Brum

The newly renovated Birmingham New Street station for instance, is the busiest railway station outside of London and has the most extensive long distance train network in Britain. Not only are there frequent trains, but also plans for Curzon Street railway station to be the northern terminus for phase 1 of the High Speed 2 rail link from London, due to open in 2026. This planned high-speed railway would link London, Birmingham, the East Midlands, Leeds and Manchester, offering faster routes to other parts of the United Kingdom, making commuting faster, efficient and more flexible.

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Motorways play a role

The frequent trains offer routes to other parts of the UK, but also Birmingham is served by the M5, M6, M40, and M42 motorways that allow for easy interconnected commuting by car. It would be worth checking and comparing the prices of train or car travel, making an estimation of the costs for a year to see what is financially viable. This website thinkmoney.co.uk compared the costs of overall commuting, considering increased train prices and rise in fuel for some major commuting routes.

When comparing commuting spots, it seems that Birmingham has many advantages and is full of possibility. The added benefits of alleviating some pressure on the capital and venturing outside to escape the rat-race makes having a home a little further away, an attractive alternative. The commute means you can leave work at work and when you arrive home, feel at home.

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