A Day In The Life of a House Clearance Person

A Day In The Life of a House Clearance Person

Clearing a house is physically demanding and requires a lot of hard work, but what me and my team love so much, is the exciting energy that comes from lugging unwanted items away and seeing that ‘before and after affect’. I am always surprised by the dramatic amount of space that is cleared and the relief that comes when the clients see a property in it’s original empty form.The perfect house clearance, For me it is a very rewarding job that requires a complete team effort. Whether it’s a small one day job, or a big commercial clearance, we manage to clear anything.

Start of the day

The day often begins with myself and my experienced staff arriving at a clients house with our large reliable van, providing ample space for belongings both big and small. We always arrange a convenient time with

the clients and discuss any concerns, such as personal requests to save sentimental items. We arrive at the agreed time and clear everything that would have been discussed with the client prior, ensuring a clean, efficient and professional clearance.

On the day

On the day itself, me and my team need to ensure a good parking-space to allow easy access to dispose the household items. Depending on the property, such as whether it is a high-rise flat, or a large estate, this will effect the time it will take. The client can send photographs of the property to give me and my team an idea of the scale, and this will allow us to make a good estimate on the time and size of the job. My staff are very focused and hard-working, meaning that often the average property clearance takes between three to four hours.

Based on the state of the home, we will check each room individually and consider what can be recycled or upcycled and rescued, and what will be needed to be disposed of in a safe way. I will go around and do a preliminary check, organising what should go into the van first to make the most of

the space. Large reusable furniture for instance, such as desks, bed frames, sofas, etc would be put in the van first, and this helps to create a strong base structure to slot in other objects that can be kept. The waste that should be legally

disposed of and comply with government regulations is often left to the end. My company is fully registered with a valid in date waste carriers license, meaning that we transport and dispose of unwanted materials in a safe and secure way.

Fitting it all in

Referring to my list, I consider what should be saved, recycled or disposed of and we use a ‘chain-system’ to pack the van, with one person in the property, the second on the stairwell and the third to secure the items in the van. This is the most time-effective way to organise furniture and packing. This process is done again for materials that will be needed to be disposed of legally. Depending on the size of the job, this might be secured in the available space left in the van.

The day ends with me and my committed staff double-checking that the space is completely clear and up to the high standards we are known for. I inform the client that we have finished and ensure they are happy with the service we have provided, keeping in touch in case they have questions or are in need of any further assistance.