Best Time of the Year to Sell Your House

Best Time of the Year to Sell Your House

There are certain times within the year

that can help make your property appeal to potential buyers. The seasons are often overlooked, but can heavily interfere with the attention it gets. This also depends on the properties location. Perhaps you live in an area that attracts tourists at certain times of the year, or maybe there is an event that draws in a lot of people. Significant factors such as location, the seasons and property type should all be taken into consideration when selling.


Make the best of Spring

Generally speaking, the optimum time to put your house up for sale is during spring. Spring is a positive season that relates to growth. The garden will hopefully be in blossom, the days are longer meaning more natural light flooding into your home and it is the perfect time where people are not busy with holidays and other commitments. The days will be less chilly in contrast to the wintery season prior and the property should feel welcoming and warm, but still fresh and bright.

Avoid Summer

Summer as a season is considered a bad time, especially if you’re trying to sell your property to families. People generally are busy with the summer holidays and often out of the country or are too occupied looking after children. This will interfere with the time the buyers have to look at your home.

Autumn has it’s perks

In Autumn there are no major holidays to contend with and if the weather stays mild it can be a good time to

sell. Families should have recovered from the summer holidays and children enter into a new school year. (Although be aware that in October, the market slows down considerably.)

Winter house selling

lacks bite

Winter is a challenging time as buyers are busy with the Christmas holidays. This season is the most difficult time to sell, as people are occupied with family activities and are inclined to stay in. It is worthwhile waiting until January, when people start to reflect on the start of a new year.

To get the most out of any season, there should always be attention and care to the way the home is presented, allowing the property to be at its best, come rain or shine.


My top tips:

  • Always ensure plenty of natural light where possible. Be conscious of times of the day when light is available or at its best, especially in the darker months and try to arrange viewings at these times.
  • Clean the house thoroughly and banish any pet smells. Ensure the place is fresh

    and aired out. Open windows and circulate fresh air.

  • Make sure when buyers visit, that it is not too cold, nor too hot. In winter put on the fire or heating to make it feel cozy and lived in. In summer open windows to let in a gentle breeze.
  • Keep clean, minimal and neutral. Get rid of any unnecessary clutter to open-up the space. Try to add some warmer coolers in winter, such as red or orange cushions. In the summer add fresh flowers.
  • Maintain the garden and get rid of any overgrowth to make it a space to be enjoyed.
    Invest in good and professional photographs that do your property justice.

With these simple tips and tricks, any season should work in your favour.